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boat propeller repair

Inboard Propellers

Inboard Propeller Repair

Every inboard propeller Hale Propeller reconditions is done using the Hale MRI with ISO class 1 as the standard tolerance.  When very high accuracy is required, Class S is our standard tolerance.

Hale Propeller has over thirty years of propeller repair and propeller tune experience ranging from high-speed surface piercing propellers to commercial tugs and fishing vessels.

We use a Dynamics Research computerized dynamic balancer, every inboard propeller gets dynamic balanced.

All inboard propellers with cup are cupped using specific cup gauges (1 thru 12) and the size is stamped on the propeller and kept in our records

Surfacing Propellers

Hale Propeller is one of the leaders in design and repair of High Performance surfacing propellers; We are one of the most experienced in the industry when it comes to repair and modification of surfacing propellers.

Pod Drive propellers

Hale Propeller has years of experience with both Volvo IPS and Duo propellers as well as Mercury Zeus propellers. We are the leader in the industry and have the most extensive experience in repairing, re-pitching and modifying them.

Outboard Propellers

Hale Propeller can repair and modify both stainless steel and aluminum propellers.  We will restore all cupping and blade shape back to manufacture’s standards.

On Time Delivery

Our production staff is all cross-trained and our scheduling is fully flexible with overtime added as needed as well second shift capability.