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Hale MRI

Advanced Technology Electronic 3D Propeller Inspection and Analysis System

The Hale Propeller Measurement Recording Instrument is perhaps the most sophisticated and certainly the most versatile, computerized three dimensional propeller measurement device available.

Experienced propeller repair facilities prefer the Hale MRI for performing detailed and accurate propeller measurement. With the MRI’s comprehensive reporting capability, the propeller technician can record and document the exact condition of a customer’s propeller. The resulting concise and visual summary can assist customers in determining the optimal repair or reconditioning service best suited for their needs. MRI Features Include:

• Compatibility with Windows 10.

• Durable rotary and linear encoders that provide continuous and highly accurate 3D readings to the computer for analysis and recording.

• Measurements and reporting of Pitch, Rake, Track, Angular Spacing, Section Face Camber, and other geometric features for ANY propeller.

• Ability to compare one propeller to another, such as left hand vs. right hand rotation, or two of the same rotation. This allows for the exact matching of a propeller set.

• Permanent computer record of pre and post repair activities, which can be transferred to another MRI user via e-mail or data storage devices. With this information, any MRI user has the necessary details to provide a subsequent repair or recondition service resulting in a finished propeller closely matching the original. If replacement is necessary, the detailed dimensional information can be supplied to the propeller manufacturer for review and determination of an optimal new propeller.

Hale MRI sizes:

  • ‍HP 50      18”-56” diameter propellers
  • HP 60      18”-62” diameter propellers
  • HP 80      18”-80” diameter propellers
  • HP 120 24”-120” diameter propellers laser non-contact measuring head
  • HP 160 24”-160” diameter propellers laser non-contact measuring head

Hale MRI propeller manufactures users:

Michigan Wheel Marine

Sound Propeller

Nakashima Propeller

ZF Marine Propeller

Teinbridge Propellers

Hung Shen Propeller

Mercury Marine

Henley Engineering

CJR Propellers

Clements Engineering

Rice Propeller


There are over 150-repair shops worldwide that use Hale MRI for propeller repair.

Just some of the repair shops are located in the following countries:


United States


New Zealand










Dominican Republic


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